Issue of June 26, 2011

Summer is here and the freshest of the fresh have arrived: tomatoes and blueberries, flowers and zucchini, and new books! Come discover two of the newest books plus more.

A superb new book, albeit with a few flaws, that mixes the early history of the United States, three of its main shapers and their gardening passions, including how a garden saved the process of shaping a nation is the focus of Nicki Leone’s attention in An Eden Made.

Could there be any more natural companions than books and bookmarks? It’s odd, then, that as common as they are now they weren’t always. Laine Farley shares what she discovered when she searched out the question of why antique bookstore bookmarks are so rare in Bookstore Bookmarks Then and Now.

Imagine having been in a relationship that you are no longer in and seeing yourself thinly disguised in your ex’s novel. Lindsay Champion reviews the new memoir of one woman who found herself in just such a position and wrote her own “hilariously heartbreaking memoir” in She Says.

Lauren Roberts has never been invited into a comic strip before, but a recently-issued invitation has given her the opportunity to try it out. How did it turn out? Discover the answer in Comics, Life, Common Sense, and Maybe Some Wisdom. 


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