Issue of June 12, 2011

It seems that no matter what weird weather may be going on in your part of the country—triple-digit heat or cloudy skies and cool temperatures—that enjoying some good reading ought to be part of it. And BiblioBuffet definitely has some of that for you. Don’t mess Nicki Leone’s essay of two very different books and book formats, Lindsay Champion’s look back at what she’s learned from her reviewing, what connections guest Katherine Hauswirth found in her books and her real life, and what Lauren Roberts is up to in her own library. Oh, and all of these come with some great suggestions for your own reading.

It’s been two years for Lindsay Champion here at BiblioBuffet, and she takes the opportunity of her anniversary to review not a book but her experiences with the genre, the differences between truth and honesty, and the passion that fires up her soul (and her reviews) in Two Years of Memoirs.

As the technology for the publishing industry changes so does the format of the book. Nicki Leone recently had the opportunity to experience both ends of the new range—the e-reader and a specially handcrafted work of art—and realizes that what all the differences come down to are not “causes for lament or alarm” but instead story in Story Always Rises to the Top.

The weird weather blanketing the country included a tornado in Massachusetts which, Katherine Hauswirth in Survival, Real and Unreal, who had just finished both a novel and nonfiction book with survival themes, brought home the knowledge that it’s satisfying when the protagonist finds a way to overcome the odds . . . it can help you believe that you might fare as well.”

Mention the word “dentist” and you have a good chance of watching someone flinch. But the truth is that modern dentistry is a joy, especially compared to the practices hundreds and even thousands of years ago. Lauren Roberts turned her inquisitiveness about two 1940s dental bookmarks into a compelling reason to Open Wide.

Book packages in the mail are always a joy. What’s inside may or may not also be a joy, but when it is, then it is a damn good day. Lauren Roberts had one of those delightful surprises with an unexpected but ultimately charming book in Book Love


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