In with the New!

Two weeks ago I mentioned that BiblioBuffet’s guidelines for submitting books for review consideration was undergoing some revisions. Those revisions are finished and now posted.

We will consider any books other than those in the following genres: business, self-help, true crime, New Age, and romance. Books published through publishing services such as those from iUniverse (especially those that come through its Authors Guild and ASJA partnerships), Xlibris, Booklocker, and Lulu will also be considered, but as always our first priority for review consideration is quality.

How is quality determined? The traditional way—that of an editor accepting on behalf of a publishing house and offering an advance—is changing. Sometimes rights to out-of-print books are reverted to authors who may elect to re-publish the book themselves. Sometimes multi-published authors may choose to publish one or more books themselves. And since there is no one way to excellent books, BiblioBuffet’s doors are open to all possibilities.

As stated, we focus on quality. Things we look at include whether the book was professionally edited; whether the author has published anything else, either in print or online, in a professional capacity (personal blogs don’t count); and if the book has been blurbed  by anyone recognizable. First and foremost, we look at story. Is it well written? Is it worthy of our readers’ time and attention? Finally, does the cover art and interior design of the book meet commercial standards?

In other words, we expect any book we review to be good enough for a bookstore shelf even if because of the lack of distribution it wouldn’t make it there. As always, BiblioBuffet hasn’t and will not compromise its integrity. If we say a book is worth reading then we believe it is worth reading regardless of its heritage. You can count on that!


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