Issue of May 15, 2011

In a world that always seems to be at war, the stories of suffering and survival keep coming.  Lev Raphael looks at two extraordinary stories, one real, one based on real events, both of them rooted in the massive traumas of World War Two in “War Stories.”

What happens when an otherwise fine memoir is mislabeled leading to readers having one expectation and instead finding an entirely different result? Lindsay Champion was confronted with just such a question when she read what appeared to be a standalone book, but was instead a prequel in The River of Light.

A Montgomery Ward bookmark advertising its newest catalog that would be, at best, highly inappropriate today, was normal at the time of its issue in 1902. Lauren explores the company’s history—a volatile one—from its stunning beginning in the nineteenth century to its re-invention in the twenty-first century in The Mark of a Retail Giant.

Nicki Leone returns to the library of her childhood to remember, to savor, and to treasure her memories of that fountain of youth that lit the passion with which her life has since been infused. All readers have such memories even if their childhood libraries aren’t historic buildings. Travel with her into a building that was Bigger Inside Than Out.

A late Mother’s Day gift that was a complete surprise and the meal that made it so prompted Lauren to seek out a recipe at a time that proved to have unfortunate timing. Ah well, timing is everything—and fortunately that time will arrive soon in Eating by Proxy.


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