Issue of April 24, 2011

In this week’s issue, we have some fabulous reading for you so come on in! Have a seat and enjoy our fine selection of biblio-cuisine.

Can poetry and physics have anything in common except the first letter of their name? Gillian Polack’s intended review of a new book took an unusual turn and the book found itself the star of a classroom, a blog, and fascinating discussions in The Quantum Poet Experience.

“Do we really need to know that . . . ?” is a question that writers, themselves sometimes subjects of biographies or proposed biographies sometimes ask. Carl Rollyson explores this question, drawing in biographers and their subjects as well as readers in his quest for the answer in Why Biography Matters.

An “improbable search” to find “the fastest pitcher of all time” might have resulted in pages of dull statistics. But a popular book, newly released in paperback is, says Pete Croatto, is written so well, with “pure joy and awe,” that it makes for one amazing read in You Shall Know Their Velocity.

There is no doubt but that the books we choose affect us. How depends on the book and on the experience and mindset we bring to it. Lauren Roberts fell in love with a cover, bought the book, and in the foreword found some intense thoughts for this holiday in Easter and The Jungle.


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