Awards and Rewards

It is with a great deal of pride that I share the news that our down-under contributor Gillian Polack, the woman who wowed the editorial team with a wacky query letter and has continued to make life fun ever since, has been short listed for the SF “Ditmar” Award!

This is a *big* deal. The Ditmars recognize excellence in the fields of Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror by Australian writers. The reading public votes—this creates the shortlist—and the awards are given out the Australian National Convention.

Gillian’s book is Baggage, the collection she edited for Eneit Press. Thirteen stories, many with a science fiction or fantasy theme, explore the idea of “Australian-ness,” or as Gillian phrased it, “this anthology is not about the culture we usually think of as Australian. Our boundaries may not be what we think they are. Death is at least as important as mateship. The shape of the city frames our lives as much as the colours of the outback. Australian cultural baggage is complex and it’s dark. It’s inspirational”. And it has an excellent chance of winning Best Collected Work.

This is not Gillian’s first time up for the award. Her novel, Life Through Cellophane was short listed last year, and she ended up winning, along with her “loyal band of cooks” the Best Achievement category for the Conflux banquet. Not quite the same thing as Best Novel but an achievement nonetheless, especially given that food is often one of the stars of such an evening. And one of which she is certifiably proud. (That’s the reward.)

Gillian, congratulations! Making it  to the short list is a stunning success. May it continue.


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