Issue of April 3, 2011

If April showers bring May flowers, what kind of books blossom during the rainy month? It’s a very diverse group of books if BiblioBuffet’s contributors are any indication. Check out what we have this week—and all through the month.

Nicki Leone made a promise to herself to spend one year with William Shakespeare, “watching, reading and re-discovering his plays” and to write about each play as she did so. Her journey has not quite turned out the way she thought it would, and in fact she found to her surprise that disappointment was a part of some of the plays, a discovery she shares in On Not Finding Shakespeare Funny.

From where does true happiness derive? What does it take to find it for oneself? Lindsay Champion delves into one of those rare “great” memoirs that both illuminates and answers (at least for the memoirist) the question he fought to discover and understand in Get Happy.

All readers have ways of describing their book-filled homes that feel familiar to the rest of us, some amusing, others a bit shameful, a few even judgmental. Kerry McHugh admits to being the latter, but also offers up her shelves (and tables and window ledges) for a self-inflicted critique and finds that, like most others, Books Do Furnish My Home.

A search for information about a bookmark’s history proved frustrating for Lauren Roberts when little was found. But one good thing came out of it—a book long on the bookshelf yet unread that turned out to be a fascinating slice of American culture: The Books in the Stores.



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2 responses to “Issue of April 3, 2011

  1. Oh! My mother and I used to sneak away from the house and my younger sisters and brother and eat at Woolworth’s too–patty melts I think.

    The era of department stores is long gone, but I definitely remember it. Dressing up to go shopping–books, tea rooms, fashion shows…

    • Cynthia, I think we might just have to start a blog together about those days of dressing up to go shopping, department stores, lunch in the tea room, and so on. What say you?

      : )

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