Issue of March 6, 2011

It’s that in between time for the country—some of it still mired in winter, some in spring, and a few places are hosting summer temperatures. Regardless of what the thermometer says at your home, we know this: it’s always the right temperature for reading!

Trapped in a Cage is Lindsay Champion’s review of a powerful memoir that is more despair than repair but at the same time reminds us that everyone makes mistakes. And when the author is sober, as in this writing, and the language “precise and vulnerable,” it is definitely worth reading.

For the author of a seemingly random collection of essays in which he hopes to find “some commonality, some message or purpose to his life,” Nicki Leone says, it does not seem to work. But the “bits and pieces” found in the book offers something far more for the fortunate reader in Being Awake.

What do a curtseying Scottish lass and a massive iron steam pump have in common? A bookmark. Laine Farley investigates the history behind one of Whitehead and Hoag’s celluloid bookmarks, and finds a history of “family and business values of an earlier age” in Character the Grandest Thing.

Do winter doldrums affect what we choose to read? Maybe. For Katherine Hauswirth, her bedside stand yielded up two recently read books that proved to be “microcosms of these hovering thoughts of doom, loss, and the inkling of hope for renewal” and yet helped her “keep hope in its feathery and ebullient state” in Extinction and the Brink: Notes from February.

How does an de-acquisition zone become an acquisition one? The answer may be obvious but the route to accomplishing that, Lauren Roberts found—at least in this case—was not just a matter of picking up more reading material but of acting as a way station between the old home and a new one: More Tales from the De-Acquisition Zone.



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2 responses to “Issue of March 6, 2011

  1. I need to de-acquisition so many piles–of books and journals!

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