Issue of February 27, 2011

We are proud to announce that Carl Rollyson has joined BiblioBuffet and his new column, Biographology, debuts this week. In addition, you will find a long but fantastic interview by Gillian Polack; a wonderful sports book that probably isn’t on your bookstore shelves but should be on your shelf; and a short essay on finding new homes for unwanted books.

Defining moments in our lives tend to me unusual and worth remembering. Pete Croatto shares his discovery of a fantastic book about one of those moments in football, an extraordinary few seconds that changed many lives in A Sense of Where You Aren’t.

Does the art of reviewing biographies justify its means? Or is there a better way?  In Biographology, professional biographer Carl Rollyson argues that most biography reviewers shortchange readers by focusing on the subject rather than the genre—the biographer’s sources and methodology, where a particular biography fits into current practice, and the history of the genre.

In Placelessness and Between: A Talk, three writers of “the fantastic” (SFF) come together with Gillian Polack to create a conversation in which they focus on their backgrounds and memories that play “a strong part in how they write” and include “strong senses of place and time into their work.”

What do you do with books you no longer want on your shelves or with books that someone gifted to you and you really don’t want? Lauren Roberts shares her choices for re-homing books to new homes in How to Get Rid of Books.



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2 responses to “Issue of February 27, 2011

  1. My kids’ private school takes ALL my books–including my literary journals. But a reader recently suggested taking old literary journals to doctors’ offices and hospitals–a new idea I’m going to try to follow up on.

    • That’s a marvelous idea about waiting rooms, Cynthia! Most of them have only cheap entertainment weeklies or New Yorkers. Nothing wrong with the New Yorker, but the stories tend to be a bit long for most waiting room visits. Literary journals would be wonderful to fine. Thank you for sharing the idea.

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