Issue of February 13, 2011

We’re full of books. Just for you. Please enjoy our new issue, and have yourself a wonderful week!

This week, Gillian Polack takes her readers on an extended journey through several spectacular new books of speculative fiction that she spent two days doing nothing else but reading. It’s funny how summer (for her, in Australia) brings out the post-apocalyptic, heroic fantasy, traditional fantasy, steampunk, and Arthuriana desires in Five New Books

He began another book for his column this week, but it wasn’t long before Pete Croatto bagged it as poorly written and dull. Then he picked up a new biography of legendary baseball player Henry (Hank) Aaron and found himself enmeshed in a fabulous world fueled by exhaustive research and a humane point of view about a man who was “the standard of excellence” as he shares in The Standard Bearer.

The recent news about the staff lay-off’s at Powell’s Bookstore has been distressing for Lauren Roberts, who is a devoted fan of the store, its books, and its website. She hopes it is only a step back onto the road of recovery—and not in the other direction—and muses a bit about what it means for her in Say It Ain’t So!


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