Issue of January 30, 2011

Only eleven months until Christmas!

Forgive me. I am feeling silly this week and decided to give in to the urge. Seriously, what we have that’s new is an off-beat issue with things that we think will be a surprise—but fun. Have a great week.

He may be an oft-derided writer but no one can deny that John Grisham is a wealthy one because his formulaic books are read by millions. But what happens when he writes outside his usual bounds? Pete Croatto wondered if he would find something worth his reading when Grisham, a writer he had never read, transcended his usual “attractive, idealistic young lawyers” blueprint to attempt a compelling sports-based novel. Find out in The Grisham Experiment

March is Women’s History Month and Gillian Polack decided with the help of two other Australian authors to explore the assumptions that were initially questioned when women’s history courses were first being proposed in universities. She explores how, in terms of Australian historiography, the three writers use their work to point out that women are “a crucial part in our history (in fact, that it’s our history, not the history of one gender)” in On Damned Whores and Other Women.

With this, the last issue of January, 2011, Lauren Roberts ponders how her reading has gone thus far, and finds that the books, though interesting, have left her emotionally and physically wrung out. And while that might not seem a good thing, it can be when, as now, it encourages her to move from Darkness Into Light.



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4 responses to “Issue of January 30, 2011

  1. Thanks for this, particularly the part about Grisham. I have wondered myself, what would happen if he got away from his typical formula. Looks like we have a chance to find out 🙂

    Sarah Allen
    (my creative writing blog)

    • Hi, Sarah.

      Thanks so much for reading and commenting. It’s a funny thing about this particular piece. Pete wrote to me about two weeks ago, wondering what I thought if he reviewed this sports novel. I saw the name “John Grisham” and though I had read it wrong. What would someone who specializes in sports books want with a legal thriller author?

      I understood his explanation and approved it, but cautioned him that it was going to have to be different to be of any interest. Pete, ever the professional, did just and and did it well. At least it made me laugh when I read it. I’m glad you liked it too.

  2. Lauren, I hate to see the word “slogging” near the word “books.” Oh dear, I’m worried you’re going to end up back where you were again. Although I’m looking forward to hearing about the poetry, but how about some fiction? The wonderful world of a novel : )

    BTW, cool link on the science fiction covers.

    • Perhaps “slogging” wasn’t the right word. I am not going to end up back in no-reading land, rest assured, but I did need to get myself out of the caves and murders and so on. Also, there is truly something wonderful about listening to poetry read well. It sings to me in ways that reading it does not.

      And, yes, those science fiction covers are quite something. Not a genre I read but the cover art can be fascinating.

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