Issue of January 23, 2011

Food, humor, poignancy, shame: we have some of it for you this week as BiblioBuffet’s contributors look over and comment on a wide range of books. Check it out; perhaps one or more of them is just right for you.

More than just a cookbook, more than a memoir, more than a cultural history, “it deserves to be the Great American Cookbook,” says Nicki Leone about the massive volume she reviews this week. “It is just so much fun.” What is “it”? Find out in One Big Book.

Living with Asperger’s syndrome as a child is awful. Aside from the problems it causes oneself, reactions from others whether springing from intentional cruelty or personal discomfort, often compound the difficulties. And in classrooms these reactions manifest themselves as bullying. Lindsay Champion talks about one poignant memoir whose author “systematically dismantled” his own problems by  “through acts of kindness and leadership” in The Greatest Disabler.

Where does real life leave off and fiction begin for an author? Are readers correct when they assume that all fiction is directly autobiographical? And what does autobiographical actually mean anyway? Lev Raphael explores those questions in a humorous and self-reflective essay: Writing, Reading, and Reality.

Shame-faced confessions don’t all revolve around drugs or sex. Sometimes they, as Lauren Roberts shares, involve books—or lack of them. In this week’s letter, she confesses up to her 2010 reading bombshell and the subsequent change in the first three weeks of 2011 in The Confession.



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2 responses to “Issue of January 23, 2011

  1. You’re baaacckk!!!! Yay! I look forward to your monthly list of books you’ve read : )

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