Issue of January 9, 2011

Oh, do we have an issue for you: archaeology of the accidental kind; faeries of the real kind; books of the flying kind. Have a great week!

Sometimes the kind of discovery that can be made only in a bookstore is made in a bookstore. Nicki Leone shares that while digging through a shelf at the back of local bookstore, unearthed an “odd little book” that proved to be as big an adventure for her as it was for the women it highlighted in Field Notes by Fierce Women.

Faeries are most often deemed to be myths, but Lindsay Champion explored their possible world through a debut memoir that brought together for her happy early memories of Christmas at her grandfather’s house and the author’s journey back into her frightening childhood and the connection she was able to establish with not faeries but with the unexpected death of her father in  The Faery Queen.

Bibliophiles like having books around, but what happens when an overstuffed shelf lets you know that you simply have too many books for too few shelves? Lauren Roberts had the opportunity to explore that question and to find a solution when falling books announced the time had come to ponder The Science of Too Many and Too Few.


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