Issue of December 26, 2010

In this, our last column of the year, we want to thank you for being with us for 2010. And to wish you the best New Year—2011—possible. Stay safe.

Can one find a new life—or at least a change—through a new adventure? Lindsay Champion, a fan of Julie Powell for her first memoir, Julie and Julia, had considerable hesitation about reading her second memoir. What she had feared would make it unreadable did not. . . . but unfortunately there was something that left her feeling “squeamish” as she shares in The First Cut is the Deepest.

At this time each year Lauren Roberts finds herself both a bit melancholy and very excited. The latter because she loves, loves, loves the holidays, the former because it is a season of change from one year—with its memories—to another, with its potential that she talks about in Closing Out the Year.

Fairy tales are not just stories read in childhood but their plots and characters are often are the basis for many novels. Nicki Leone reviews a new compilation of retold, re-invented, and re-imagined fairy tales by contemporary writers and finds a “fractured pleasure” in their words in The Things We Are Not Meant to Know.


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