Seeking Writers

BiblioBuffet has openings for regular columnists coming up in 2011.

If you are an experienced writer who enjoys writing about books, reading, or related issues please let us know. We are definitely interested in book reviewers with personality especially if you want to specialize in a given subject (cookbooks, young adult, history, etc.), but we also want to hear from generalists. And we are open to your ideas if you have a specific subject that interests you.

What do I mean by personality? We like reviewers who go outside standardized book reviews, adding themselves to the mix. Your opinions, feelings, relationship, memories and more are important when writing for us. We like you to be you!

One column I would love to add would be about libraries. Whether they are public or private, large or small, unusual or common I believe that there are stories there. Are you a writer who can talk to people about their bookshelves—regardless of what is on them—and then share the experience? Could you make any library, even one composed solely of John Grisham novels, and its owner interesting to BiblioBuffet’s readers? Would you be interested in being part of a widely-scattered team doing that in your own part of the country? Would you like to do the same for bookstores? Or maybe follow literary censorship wherever it may rear its head?

These are not the only ideas we want to see. Tell us what turns you on and why. Because if you have a love of words, a strong command of English, a desire to work with an excellent editorial team, and a passion for writing about literary subjects we want to hear from you. Managing Editor Nicki Leone can be reached at nicki . leone {@} Editor in Chief Lauren Roberts can be reached at lauren . roberts {@} (Be sure to put the addresses into the proper format before sending that e-mail.)

While the pay is not high—we offer $20 per column—we do have several excellent benefits: the opportunity to work with a brilliant content editor, maximum editorial freedom, and regular appreciation. For more details, please see our Write for Us page here. And if you want to contact our current contributors for their experiences with BiblioBuffet, feel free. We pride ourselves on keeping them happy. And our readers as well.


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