Issue of December 5, 2010

Holidays. Shopping. Reading. Books. Sports. Re-discovery. Food. Religious questions. We have some of it all for you this week as the BiblioBuffet team spreads its reading wings far and wide in search of some good things for you.

While on a search for a book to help his writing fears, Pete Croatto came across another book by a respected writing teacher that takes readers into the world of spring training. And what he found was not just an incredible story but a wisdom about writing and baseball he soon won’t forget in On Writing (About Sports) Well.

Fantasy and its cousin, Urban Fantasy, are among the most popular of fiction categories, and this week Gillian Polack sits down with three UF authors to discuss the parameters and autonomy of the genre, its definitions, and what this sub-genre means to its writers in Writers Talk About Urban Fantasy.

Many people believe in religious faith, but when one writer wanted to explore her personal relationship with it the resultant book turned out to be, as David G. Mitchell in What Can We Know?, an “invitation to everyone to try to understand . . . our fundamental values and how we live our lives.”

The holiday shopping season is in full bloom (as it were), and BiblioBuffet is here to help with suggestions. Lauren Roberts offers the third in her five-part series,  Booklovers’ and Readers’ Gift Guide as well as the opportunity to win some free books in Lost in the Forest (of Holiday Shopping).


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