Issue of November 28, 2010

Hopefully everyone had a good, filling, and satisfying Thanksgiving regardless of whether you ate turkey or oysters, spent time with family or by yourself, read or stared at the television, enjoyed quiet times or joined the crowds at stores. We have three new pieces this week that cover some interesting books and other items.

The world of Homer is one with which Nicki Leone has a long acquaintance. Her early knowledge of it came from old children’s books and collections of Greek myths which, she notes, had almost nothing to do with the Iliad other than one fight. Ever since she has been reading to understand the epic poem that encompasses such a rich, complex story of people in war that makes the Iliad so powerful even thousand of years after its writing in On How to Read the Iliad (Safely).

The joy and pain of memories is brought out in a collection of personal essays the late Tony Judt had not originally intended to publish but as Lindsay Champion points out, he thankfully did. As a victim of Lou Gehrig’s disease, Judt spent much of his time delving into himself and his memories, and the result is a superb trip for the readers he invites along Down Memory Lane.

Part two of Lauren Roberts’s Booklovers’ and Readers’ Gift Guide is up this week, and it is an extensive one. She dug extensively in order to discover numerous literary gifts in categories from Calendars to Home for BiblioBuffet’s readers. Find out what she has in Into the Wild (of Holiday Shopping).




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  1. Love the Out of Print t-shirts!

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