Issue of November 21, 2010

The Thanksgiving weekend is less than a week away no doubt reading and shopping, at least some reading and shopping, is on your agenda. Let’s see what BiblioBuffet has this week that can help. Oh, and have a wonderful Great American Pig-Out Thanksgiving!

Baseball can be an exciting game. It can also be the fascinating subject of books. Alas, Pete Croatto says, despite its subject being rich with possibilities this particular book is not the one to explore The Mysteries of Pittsburgh…and Other Recurring Problems.

Short stories are, according to publishers, a difficult sell. But Gillian Polack found three she loves: a television show, a novel whose opening was “a short story, introducing a novel,” and a real anthology with the resonance of a finely tuned bell, the names of which she shares in Three Thoughts.

The upcoming day of thanks is the right time for David G. Mitchell to include an interview with one of the subjects of a new book about a particular company that was involved in most of the ugliness of the “forgotten” war, the Korean Conflict. The result: Conversation with a Quiet Hero.

Regardless of the type of influence they exert our mothers remain influential throughout our lives. In going through his oversized book review pile recently, Lev Raphael found two memoirs about mothers that, despite their differences, are powerful, emotive pieces of reading which he describes in Mother Love: Two Memoirs.

Holiday shopping season has arrived and Lauren Roberts kick starts her five-week list of literary gift suggestions for booklovers and readers. Ideas ranging from free and make-it-yourself to thousands of dollars are listed and linked (and we will even be giving away some gifts to you) beginning this week in And … We’re Off!



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2 responses to “Issue of November 21, 2010

  1. Lauren, I missed reading about the Pig Out–I mean, Read Out, but I loved all the gift links–my favorite so far is the Great Gatsby clutch.

  2. I’m delighted to learn that, Cynthia. Have you put that clutch on your Wish List yet?

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