Issue of November 14, 2011

Take some time out from your holiday pre-preparations to enjoy quiet time and good writing with us at BiblioBuffet. This week, we have several pieces that delve into history, American culture, foreign literature, and books as yet unknown.

Nicki often tackles books that can be hard to place in the usual genre categories simply because they are not … simple. This time is no exception. A book she describes as “part noir, part crime story, part social satire, part black comedy (extremely black), part absurdist fairy tale” was nevertheless a book she loved and highly recommends for those seeking out-of-the-way but superb reading in Existential Nightmares.

Poverty and homelessness are seen as social problems to be treated with a one-size-fits-all solution. But sometimes the solutions have to be as complex and as out-of-the-box as the individuals who are caught in the problem as Lindsay Champion discovers in The Myth of Dee and Tiny.

Bookmarks are often thought of as modern developments, but many famous artists have included bookmarks of the day in their famous paintings created hundreds of years ago. Guest contributor Beryl Kenyon de Pascual shares an overview of some of these gorgeous markers in Bookmark History on Bookmarks.

With Thanksgiving as well as the Great Thanksgiving Read weekend coming ever closer, Lauren Roberts is turning her attention to gathering books along with ingredients and wine. But there’s a twist this year. Instead of choosing books, she turning to BiblioBuffet’s readers and contributors for their suggestions as to what she should read in Help Me?


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