Saying Good-bye

My favorite movie of all time is Casablanca. I’ve probably seen it more than a thousand times. I can quote every line in it, and I know the biographies of each of the actors very well. One time I even had a boyfriend who upon discovering my love of the film took to quoting the famous line—Here’s looking at you, kid—to me periodically whether that was over shared orange juice in the morning or over a glass of champagne in the evening. I fell hard for that man.

Casablanca is very much about saying good-bye in many ways and to many things. But I always remember the courtliness that accompanied each one and try to incorporate that into my relationships. (I’m not always successful, but I do try.)

So when Lauren Baratz-Logsted e-mailed me late last night to inform me that she needed to stop writing for BiblioBuffet due to her other commitments I mourned for a brief time. It’s hard to lose a writer. It’a harder to lose a writer you respect and like. But I took a deep breath and wrote the response that was right. I told her she was welcome to write for us at any time she liked, and that I wished her the best with all her books.

Lauren is an astonishingly prolific author of tween and young adult novels. She is what is termed a “mid-lister,” meaning she isn’t a NYT bestselling author but she is one who regularly produces books that sell respectable numbers. This is not an easy level to reach. It requires not only producing good books but constant efforts to keep one’s name in front of the book-reading public with social networking and other tools. And those take time.

So while she moves on, her current column, Writer-in-Residence, comes to an end but it will remain available to our readers in our Inactive Columns section. I going to miss it, especially the Disrespectful Interviewer pieces, but even more so I am going to miss her gentle sense of humor and her wonderful support. Good-bye, Lauren, and good luck!



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3 responses to “Saying Good-bye

  1. Too bad – I’ll miss her column, but understand the need for time management.

    Also, Casablanca is probably the greatest movie of all time. Just sayin’.

    • We’ll miss Lauren’s columns too, Kerry, especially the Disrespectful Interviewer ones. As for Casablanca, well, yes, it is the greatest! Maybe we need to get together with some popcorn and enjoy it yet again.

  2. Yes, I’ll miss those Disrespectful Interviews–but I certainly understand the need for more time. I’m running short on that myself these days : )

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