Issue of October 31, 2010

‘Tis cold and flu season, an often miserable time yet also—if you are not too sick—good for reading. With that in mind, we have some great reading for you and some suggestions for even more great reading. Take care! We’ll see you again next week.

Family memories are probably the most complex any of us will have in our lives. Bad or good, difficult or wonderful, warm or callous—or more commonly a mix that changes in every stage of our lives. Lindsay Champion reviews a poignant new memoir where “the stories capture a sense of childlike magic and love for her family’s traditions, but are laced with a desire for more” in Ode to My Family.

In 1968, the world seemed aflame. And in Mexico City, the city of that year’s Olympics, the Tlatelolco Massacre not only became a pivotal point in Mexican politics, it also became the basis for a novel that over the course of three rewrites in a dozen years became what Nicki Leone, in quoting the author, says possesses “the spontaneity of the people . . . the precision of clockwork, a few touches of humor, a dose of the absurd, and a lot of vengeance” in It’s All About Who Has the Guns.

It’s interview #13 for Lauren Baratz-Logsted in her DI series, and to celebrate this special number, she undertakes an interview with . . . herself. Don’t worry; both Lauren1 and Lauren2 dish it out with equal measure, making for a memorable discussion in The Disrespectful Interview: Dissing Lauren Baratz-Logsted.

Lauren Roberts, who prides herself on rarely getting sick, has in fact succumbed to an early manifestation of the 2010 Cold and Flu Season. Being down is not necessarily the same as being out, though you shouldn’t expect much in the way of brilliant prose from me this week in Socked and Sacked.



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2 responses to “Issue of October 31, 2010

  1. Lauren, hope you feel better soon! And I enjoyed the cartoon, which reminded me that I have a suggestion for your “gift list:”

    I love mine.

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