Issue of October 17, 2010

Brrr, it’s cold here where I live and the urge to cuddle up with guy, cats, books, blanket, and a cup of hot cider is strong. Of course, if one or more of those elements was missing the others would still be okay—if not perfect. At least I can count on the books. And so can you. This week, we have some great reading for you. Check below to find out what it is.

Making lemonade out of lemons or, more accurately, making new possibilities out of disasters, is a specialty for Nicki Leone, who had the opportunity to do just that when Tropical Storn Nicole blew through her town and pummeled its way into her library as she relates in The Universe Wants Me to Have More Bookshelves.

For a culture that was supposed to “say no to drugs” in the 1980s, we sure are interested in them. Lindsay Champion reviews a memoir from one of the great independent publishers in which the author charts his life—and what a life it is—through the haze of a favored drug in Not to My Recollection.

Pyramids aren’t just for food any more. Lauren Baratz-Logsted decided to create her own (rather brilliant, and decidedly funny) Book Pyramid based on what she perceives as the “hierarchy of respect accorded various types of books” in The Book Pyramid.

When does a cookbook become a work of art? When it offers both the possibility of great cuisine, wonderful reading, and exquisite art. Lauren Roberts stopped by a used book sale and found not just lots of books but an opportunity for all three possibilities in one book, which she describes in The (Book) Art of Great Italian Cooking.


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