Issue of October 10, 2010

What do you have for you this week? A curious bookmark, baseball, remarkable sportswriting in an old but still excellent book, and a literary rant about genres and what we miss by using them. Please enjoy our new issue, and have a wonderful week!

One of the most startling bookmarks to come into Lauren Roberts’s life involved a swastika, the symbol that for most of the Western world today represents evil. But it wasn’t always that way. In fact, the swastika has a long and honored history, and in WWI was even part of a war savings movement in Britain. This remarkable history comes to light in Saving for War.

While visiting a historic town, Pete Croatto found an equally historic (and rarely found) book that offers “slow-cooked sports reporting,” and he happily reports the why of its brilliance in  The Franchise’s Icon.

“Why can there be such a gulf between the books paranormal romance writers write and what those who don’t read paranormal romances think they write?” asks Gillian Polack before she begins her exploration of why some readers—not her—judge the book or the literacy of the author without having read the genre in Where Gillian Rants (paranormally).

If, as David G. Mitchell writes, baseball fans are all statisticians and historians at heart then a new, and great, book choking full of information solely on home run hitters is bound to attract their attention. History, nostalgia, baseball—read all about it in Going . . . Going . . . Gone!

The reading bug has (thankfully) returned to Lauren Roberts’s life, and in this letter she explores the differences and similarities in reading books in print, on an e-reader and with audio books in Formatting the Book.


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