Issue of September 26, 2010

This week we have a nice variety of pieces for you no matter where your interests may lie. Plus, you have the chance to score some beautiful handmade bookmarks from the subject of our On Marking Books column. Have a wonderful week!

Bookmarks are becoming not only an important collectibles niche, but the subject of quite a few contests and special events. One of the latter is the Bookmarks series put on by the Centre for Fine Print Research at the University of the West of England. Original handmade bookmarks are entered, and then given away—and beginning this year, BiblioBuffet will be one of the distributors of these fabulous artists’ work in Bookmarks VIII: Escaping the Library System.

Ah, childhood and the love of sports. What happens when a young sports fan grows up and become the reporter and develops, along with his sports love, a fascination with the culture in which it operates? Pete Croatto talks to author Michael Weinreb about the evolution of the modern athlete and sports writing in Turning Childhood Memories into Formidable Reporting: A Q&A with Michael Weinreb.

What does food writing—blogging, cookbooks, reviews, memoirs, etc—actually involve? Gillian Polack explores that issue in her review of a new “how-to” book about just that subject, and finds, given her own professional background, it both good and lacking in Writing About Food.

When America entered World War II it immediately asked its citizens to become part of the war effort in many ways. One way was through industry—the making of war items demanded large numbers of workers, particularly women and particularly in the aircraft industry. David Mitchell takes a look at a new book that charts not just the war effort but the changes in society that those efforts wrought in Birth of a Nation.

Along with much else, book festivals are suffering economic woes. When the Los Angeles Times announced the move of its festival this week, the news took Lauren Roberts by surprise—and left her regretting that she will likely  no longer be able to attend. See why in The Book Festival and Me.


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  1. I just love the bookmarks! I wish I would take the time to make bookmarks. And so sorry about the LA Times book festival moving.

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