Adding to the BiblioBuffet Family

Among the things BiblioBuffet’s offers its readers are pages filled with links we have personally approved. You’ll find them over on the right side of our home page’s Table of Contents under “Books & More Books.” In the last couple of weeks we added two pages to this area: Art of the Book and Copyright & Plagiarism. These are the first of the new additions, with more to come soon.

Art of the Book is one of our most extensive to date. For those who love the beauty of the printed book here is where you will find links and descriptions of both blogs, websites, and even videos that involve the art in the book:  illustration, illumination, printing, typography. From an old video series on YouTube comes two short videos, one on the printing of a book, one on printing as a career. (There is also a video of the making of a modern book.) Typography fans are going to find many rich resources here, ranging from professional to silly. General Book Arts and Book Sculptures offers the opporunity to see books through eyes that aren’t necessarily reading them, and especially with the latter, are almost unbelievably beautiful. Then the Book & Cover Design section lists plenty of variety for those who simply adore all the aspectsof creating a book.

Copyright and Plagiarism came out of our personal experience with the subject. More than once we have had material stolen; fortunately, those who took it responded to our notifications. But it still left a bad taste.

I’d like to think that most of the time theft of intellectual property is unintentional. Without a full understanding of copyright law or the limits of fair use, it is easy to violate the copyright of another’s property. The good news is that the blogs and websites listed here have been vetted by us and found to be among the best on the web. Several focus on specialized areas, but most offer excellent explanations for anyone who works in the creative arts or wants to reference creative works. It is also highly recommended for teachers and students who are looking for straightforward information about the subject. But none of what is written is legal advice because as most of the linked places note, what they offer is legal information. It’s an important distinction.

We hope you find these pages helpful. As always, if you have any suggestions for new pages or for links to add to any of our pages or if you even want to tell us you enjoy them, please e-mail me. After all, you, our readers, are the reason we are here.


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