Issue of August 29, 2010

As we head into the final week of August where children head back to school and vacations wind up, where the heat begins to break and leaves to turn, when the summer pleasures of cold chicken begin to give way to hot soups, what happens to our reading? Does it also take a turn to something different? Do we want something longer, shorter, classical or light, old or new? Pick your (literary) poison, as I believe the saying goes. In fact, you might just find it in one of our columns. We hope you do, but if not feel free to let us know what you would like to see. We might just take you up on it!

Ah, summer reading! Nicki Leone spent hers reading a newly republished “idiosyncratic account of traveling through Italy” whose author focused on the towns and villages that were the homes for some of the great Latin poets. In joining this particular tour, she also joined the author’s penchant for reading the old books, which she brilliantly describes in A Summer with Ancient Poets.

Some preparatory reading (for an upcoming review) has two pleasurable side effects for Lauren Roberts: reading another book that finally got off the To Be Read pile, and sharing with Mom a particular pleasure both have come to treasure. To be home reading is one of the joys in Reading Home.

What is abnormal becomes normal when looked at and dealt with courage. That is certainly true in the case of one family whose story has been told in a movie, but is better told in a new memoir according to Lindsay Champion in Chasing Miracles.

Back to the D.I. rack for Lauren Baratz-Logsted who found another writer to mercilessly grill with her disrespectful questions another best-selling author in The Disrespectful Interviewer: Dissing Adriana Trigiani.

Cereal is a ubiquitous food. We eat it for breakfast, sometimes for dinner, and occasionally as a snack-by-the-handful out of the box. One of the more unusual names for a cereal that is no longer in existence led Lauren Roberts on a circuitous journey through “breakfast-land” to learn about a curious bookmark in Good Morning!


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