Issue of August 22, 2010

As we move into the latter part of August (watch out for those Christmas items in the stores!) and the peak of the heat, books never looked better. We have a lot for your to consider this week too, regardless of your interests. So plow ahead—and take advantage of our recommendations!

Into sports? Pete Croatto has a book (well, he has several but one in particular) that blew his socks off—or at least caused him to lose sleep, nearly miss assignments, and almost neglect his personal hygiene. What was the book (and what other books does he recommend) for the final summer weeks? Find out in A Summer Reading List.

It’s been the Summer of Shakespeare for Lev Raphael who finishes out his 2010 obsession with the man, the plays, and the Shakespeare Deniers in a passionate essay that talks about First Folio and its extraordinary importance in From Folio to Fantasy.

So often American readers are ignorant of literature outside their own country (excepting perhaps British literature). Gillian Polack’s interview with three Australian science fiction/fantasy authors, including an Indigenous one, is an trip into the worlds of speculative fiction and great authors in The Baggage Writers Carry: Interviewing Janeen Webb, Jack Dann and Yaritji Green.

Where we are today as readers has been shaped by what we read as children. David G. Mitchell likes looking back at those books that influenced him, and lays out his personal literary history in  While My Shelves Gently Weep.

When Lauren Roberts first discovered an annual bookmark project called Bookmarks (I, II, III, IV, etc.) she was enthralled. In September BiblioBuffet will join the project when the eighth one goes live because the bookmarks to be given away by us arrived last week—and they are perfect miniature literary art. While they cannot yet be seen, you can read about them in The Book in Bookmarks.


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