Issue of August 15, 2010

This week BiblioBuffet offers you a look at a new heart-to-heart memoir, a peek into one bibliophile’s journey with her books from one house to another, a stimulating ride-a-long on books you should read but may not be find-able in your bookstore (and why), and link trips to challenging, amusing and educational places. We hope you enjoy it.

Nicki Leone turns her pen back into time to recall when she moved herself and her books—all 8,000 of them—into her current home. Her first surprise was that her organizational plan fizzled halfway through the first shelf in the first bookcase. Her second was finding books she didn’t remember having. But it all turned out well as she describes in Rooms Full of Books.

A memoir that seems a bit too good to be true that is also good for you? Lindsay Champion finds that despite a flaw or two a new book by a California heart surgeon, written primarily with women in mind—more women than men have died from cardiovascular disease every year since 1985—is educational, entertaining, and, well, heartwarming as she shares in A Heartwarming Tale.

Why are some books shelved in specialized sections when they are really just damn good fiction? Literary segregation? Who does that help? Certainly not readers looking for excellent books that just happen to have gay (or African American or Hispanic or women’s themes). Lauren Baratz-Logsted ponders the loss to readers in Straight Reading Gay (On a Bench).

Let’s take a little tour this week of several online articles (and one video) that Lauren Roberts found to be of particular interest and reveals in Sharing Things.


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