Socially Correct

Facebook came into my life courtesy of a contributor and now friend, David Mitchell. Both David and Nicki Leone are social “networkers.” They have accounts not only on Facebook but on Twitter. I do too. The difference between us is that they actually use theirs, and I try to forget I have them.

It’s weird to find myself wondering if this is how my parents felt when the electronics revolution broke out in the last sixties with stereophonic sound, quad speakers, reel-to-reel tapes and so on. (Am I dating myself or what?). It wasn’t confusing to me, but anything beyond a console record player was something that baffled and confused them. Now I think I know how they felt.

I am not afraid of or dread learning new technologies. Heck, I learned how to work a website. I put up the new issue each week. I can format it, and I am comfortable moving around the administration portion of the website. But I have been resistant to the idea of joining the social networking world for two reasons. First, I was once stalked. It happened many years ago but that terrible fear and terror in which I lived for several months is still with me. Second, I have always been a rather private person. I am generous with my time, my help, my home, and my books, and I love meeting new people, but I tend to move slowly in developing close friendships. But I feel that what is private should stay private.

Social networking goes against all that. No one need reveal all of course, but the more one puts online the less private everything is. Still, it is a good way to promote, and as a result I am becoming slightly more involved.

The result is that BiblioBuffet has a Facebook page thanks to David Mitchell who set it up and manages it. Currently, there are 488 fans to date. I am amazed and admittedly thrilled by this. And thankful to all of them. If you haven’t joined and if you are a Facebook fan I invite you to join us. I don’t often post there but I do check in regularly. And I’d love to see you.

Twitter is something still foreign to me though I do have an account. Since the character count is so limited and I refuse to use that awful textspeak As of a few minutes ago I just began using it to post one piece of literaria each day. Maybe there will be other things too.  (Our name: @BiblioBuffet).

Nicki, David, Lindsay, Lev, Lauren, Laine, Pete and I all encourage you to visit our social networking pages and “friend” us or “tweet” us or just leave comments. I love hearing from you, and maybe stretching my wings a bit, socially speaking, might allow me to get to know you a bit better.



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  1. Just tweeted and friended you!

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