Issue of August 1, 2010

What’s up this week besides the temperature? How about a snark-on-snark interview between two BiblioBuffet columnists? Perhaps you’d like to take a trip backward in time to learn that even nearly a century ago there was lamenting over the rush in people’s lives. Want to follow the saga of a passionate reader trying to track down the latest book by her favorite author? We have all that—and more for you. And we hope you enjoy it during this first week of August. Stay cool!

As a former bookseller, Nicki Leone has many stories about customers—good, bad, laughable—but those days are behind her. At least she thought so until a former customer related to her the tale of adventure she had in trying to track down a book by a favorite author, reminding all us book geeks what the real world is like in Looking for a Book: a Parable.

Apartments in New York City and the process of moving into and out of them may be different than in any other city. Lindsay Champion, herself a veteran of such moves, reviews a memoir based on them but finds, within the moving minutiae, a “moving coming-of-age story” in  Moving Day.

What happens when two BiblioBuffet columnists go head-to-head? It depends on the columnists, but in this case Lauren Baratz-Logsted, always seeking fresh meat authors to disrespect, accepted Lev Raphael’s invitation to diss him. See how it turned out in The Disrespectful Interviewer: Dissing Lev Raphael.

In 1924, John Livingston Lowes, a professor of English who was also an author and editor was asked to be the commencement speaker at both Simmons and Radcliffe colleges. His address to the students on reading books was so beautiful that it was published initially by each college’s magazine, and then turned into a book. Unfortunately, it fell into obscurity—until now, in Of Reading Books.

One of the very few benefits of the tightening economic picture is unpaid time off work. It’s not without stress, but it also offers more opportunity to read if used well. Lauren Roberts’s own furlough has her already engrossed in several projects, one of which is money-making, and one of which is reading, which she shares in A Month of Reading.



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2 responses to “Issue of August 1, 2010

  1. I hope you’re enjoying your time off with lots of reading. Stunning photo of the books–wow.

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