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On the right side of the book that centers BiblioBuffet’s home page you’ll find the category “Books & More Books.” Under that are links to various pages that list places and things that we feel are worthy of our recommendation. Nothing on these pages, or anywhere else on BiblioBuffet, has bought its way in. We do not sell ourselves. If the day comes—and it might—that we take on advertising it will be clearly noted and of quality.

I was just looking over some of the pages, and it thrilled me that as I clicked on various links I felt the same excitement for those places that I did when I originally added them. But I also felt a bit of guilt that they have been more or less static. I’m sorry to say that if you’ve been there a year ago you probably wouldn’t notice much difference if you checked them now.

But we do want you coming back regularly. For that reason, I plan to use August, my month off work, to update the current pages as well as to add more pages. I will not be removing any of the links on the current pages but will be adding more, about double the number on some of the pages, fewer on others. I will also be adding more pages for you, hopefully by the end of August. New ones currently in the works are:

  • Art of the Book: A page devoted to cover design, illustration, illumination, printing, and typography.
  • Fun with Language: This is where it begins—with scripts, words, meanings, linguistics, old words, new words, and vocabulary.
  • Literature in Translation: Where you can travel to places in the literature of yesterday and today.

Periodically I have been adding websites and blogs to all of them, and also writing the descriptions. The latter is what takes the most time, and it has to be done when I find extra bits of that, something scarcer than chocolate in my diet these days. But with August coming up you can count on seeing these new pages and new additions to the old ones.

BiblioBuffet was created for and is always intended for you, our readers. Therefore, we request that if you have additions, changes, ideas, criticisms, or other comments on these pages, or if you want to see pages, sites, or blogs added that you are particularly fond of, just e-mail me. I can’t promise we’ll add everything, but I can promise anything you propose will be seriously considered. Because it is as much your site as it is ours.



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7 responses to “Books & More Books

  1. Thanks for pointing this out – what a great collection of STUFF. I see endless hours of entertainment in my future…

  2. Sorry, I have no idea why STUFF was in all caps.

  3. I’m looking forward to the new pages–great ideas. And thank you.

  4. What an interesting blog! Thank you for all your efforts and hard work in getting this together! I look forward to visiting you again!

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