Issue of July 4, 2010

While you are out celebrating, we are working. (Okay, we are out celebrating around the barbecue too, but we were—I promise!—working hard, and to our satisfaction, and soon to be, to yours, we have a new issue full of delicious columns.) Come, stop in. There’s no need to lick the barbecue sauce off your fingers in order to check out what we have for you. Enjoy!

Nicki Leone has long had an affinity for foreign literature. These days, the Internet has made access to it much easier, and when she heard about a new writer from the West Bank, she found the book almost immediately. A fortunate discovery as this writer’s novella provides a different and brilliant look at a life and a land intimately entwined, Nicki says, in The World Feels So Much Closer Now.

Corn hybrids are for eating, but they also were the subject of one of the smallest bookmarks Lauren Roberts owns. The bookmark was actually attached to the booklet it is meant to accompany, a long-ago tribute to a man responsible for what we are setting on our barbecue grills this weekend. Who was he? Find out in A  Hybrid Saga.

Late artist Keith Haring kept a set of journals covering his private and public life; originally published after his death, they have been recently re-released in an edition that covers his twelve busiest years. Lindsay Champion cautiously waded then plunged into the book to discover that instead of feeling like a voyeur she feels privileged to have been able to share “his final piece of public art” in Radiant Baby.

Another victim author steps up to be dissed by Lauren’s Baratz-Logsted. This time bestselling YA Lisa McMann, who fortunately knows Lauren, subjects herself to some cool mudslinging—and in turn receives some back (all in fun) in The Disrespectful Interview: Dissing Lisa McMann.

‘Tis the weekend for barbecues, get-togethers, fireworks, and lots of sun and fun. Does quiet reading fit into all this? Well, yes, Lauren Roberts says, but because it is too easy to get caught up in the go-go-go rush of things she recommends actually scheduling time for your current books—in Barbecues and Books.


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