Issue of June 13, 2010

Warm weather is here, and so is the time for good reading on a beach, at a park, or even just on a porch. We can start you off on this week’s reading with columns about golf, history, book covers, even a good debate over the developments in book technology before you head off into the land of prose and poetry. Have a great week!

History as written by historians has the ability to analyze events within broad contexts. However, as David Mitchell says in In the Jungle with George, memoirs and studies of the events by those historians actually involved make their stories particularly compelling history.

What’s in a cover? A lot. It’s how publishers attract readers to books heretofore unknown to them. Cover lover Gillian Polack,  in the interests of finding out how others feel gathers together a small group to critique a large group of books—and comes up with interesting results in More Than Words.

Read or play? Reading to play? Pete Croatto does both when in a recent vacation visit with his girlfriend’s parents he joined them for his first game of golf. But before doing so he searched out books that would teach him about the game—and he came up with one golden one as he shares in Drop the Book, Pick Up the Club.

What else can one to do when the books are calling? Lauren Roberts chooses to answer the call in It’s All About the Reading!


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