Issue of June 6, 2010

In this week’s issue, we have some fabulous reading for you! Selling a book, buying books (with someone else’s money), listening to author’s spill all, glorying in the excellence that was and is Joan Didion. We have it all.

A bookmark that seems to celebrate Los Angeles actually offers more of a homage to the glorious, golden state flower as Lauren Roberts discusses in California Poppies.

Books we haven’t read are always going to loom larger than books we have read. This week, Lindsay Champion talks about a popular author she had, up until she stayed the week with a friend who is a big fan, never read. Share her delighted discovery in The Week of Joan Didion.

Thriller writer Joseph Finder discovers that not all thrills come from his books. As the author in Lauren Baratz-Logsted’s hot seat this time, he is all set to enjoy the thrills that come from being disrespected in The Disrespectful Interview: Dissing Joseph Finder. (And don’t forget that you can still win one of Lauren’s books; see her column for details.)

What if you were offered the opportunity to build a library with someone else’s money? Nicki Leone had just such an experience when a renowned manor house invited her to create their guest library. Did she love it? Find out in Building a Library, Book by Book.

Guest columnist Tom DeMarchi manages to bring out the real man—opinionated, sharp, droll, a writer’s writer with credits in journalism, books of both fiction and nonfiction, and short stories—in Drooling Fanatic: An  Interview with Steve Almond.

Most books are treasures to their owners, but sometimes we end up with books that have little personal meaning regardless of their value. That’s when the book becomes easy, and even joyful, to sell says Lauren Roberts in For Sale: A Book.



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2 responses to “Issue of June 6, 2010

  1. I LOVED Nicki’s column on building a library–how much fun that would be!

    I thought we’d be reading about part 2 of the Memorial Day Weekend…but agree with you on how easy it is to part with some (not many though) books. And I enjoyed the reading video.

    • I didn’t have that much more to say, Cynthia. Some week’s are like that, you know? But Nicki’s column was superb. Wouldn’t it be fun to be asked to do it? At least we can dream . . .

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