Damn, er, Praise the Reviewers, and Pass the Credit Card

Pete, damn … er, thank you! That’s how my e-mail to Pete Croatto began when he sent in his current column. The reason? He made me want to buy yet another book.

Sometimes I think the contributors to BiblioBuffet should be called book enablers rather than book reviewers. After all, the proof is on my bookshelves, which now sport (so to speak) three books that Pete has reviewed recently: Big Bill Tilden: The Triumphs and the Tragedy, The Billion Dollar Game, and Mint Condition. Because I have no interest in most sports I would never have known about these books had Pete not talked about them. But now I do, and I am very pleased. They are not sports books per se, but fall into categories I like: biography and American culture.

And then there are the books I’ve bought based on the reviews by Nicki Leone (I’m not sure of the count so let’s just say “a lot”), Lev Raphael (4 or 5), Lindsay Champion (2), and David Mitchell (2). Oh, and although she doesn’t review for BiblioBuffet, Lauren Baratz-Logsted got me interested in the series by Susan Beth Pfeffer—Life As We Knew It, The Dead and the Gone, and This World We Live In—because they are based on a rather intriguing scientific idea, that is, what would happen to life on earth if an asteroid collided with the moon shifting its orbit closer to Earth. Ooh, an intriguing science-based idea! Need I say I added those to my shelves too?

That is not the best news for my groaning shelves, but it’s all good news for the authors, publishers, and booksellers of these volumes. But it is you, our readers at BiblioBuffet to whom our recommendations  are directed. You are the reason we exist, and the people to whom we write. So if you ever feel the need to blame your newest credit care bill on someone, feel free to use us. Oh, and enjoy your new books.


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