Issue of April 4, 2010

April showers, right? Depends on where you live no doubt, but as I write this the skies are dark and it is threatening rain so I assume the May flowers are going to be particularly beautiful. Or maybe it’s just that this issue is flowering early. Have a great week!

Gillian Polack, BiblioBuffet’s newest columnist, joins us from Australia. In her introductory piece, she shares her penchant for making lists as she takes us through her books’ habitats otherwise known as her apartment in An Introduction to My Booklife.

What does reviewing books mean? How does it actually happen? What is behind the selection process? David Mitchell decides to take a look at the way he does it, exploring the personal meaning that being a book reviewer has for him in So Many Books, So Little Time.

Walking might seem as too obvious a thing to write about, but Pete Croatto found in his review of The Lost Art of Walking that this common act has an uncommon and complex history in What We Talk About When We Talk About Walking.

Here, There, and Everywhere is not just the heading of the editor’s letter this week, but the state of affairs in Lauren Roberts’s brain. Fear not; there are some great things in there including a couple of happy announcements and the link to a very funny essay she wishes she had thought of.



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2 responses to “Issue of April 4, 2010

  1. Lauren, another interesting week at BiblioBuffet. I enjoyed reading David Mitchell’s piece–what an individual process book reviewing is.

    I also enjoyed your editorial and the list of books on your bedside table. I actually keep no books on mine. I used to, but these days I read mostly downstairs, take a book up with me at night, and then back downstairs again in the morning.

    • Thanks, Cynthia. It’s hard to believe you don’t keep any books next to your bed. You are unusual! But then your method makes it easy to keep reading uninterruptedly. With so many close by the bedside it’s all too easy to say, “Oh, what the heck. That looks better.”

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