Issue of March 28, 2010

Daylight savings time is in effect. Birds are building nests. Humans are planning outdoor barbecues and cold menus. And BiblioBuffet is handing out springtime treats in the form of reviews, essays and interviews. Join Nicki, Lauren, Lindsay, Janice, and me in a writerly and readerly celebration of the joy of books.

Stories and history, Nicki Leone writes in Holding Time, often come to us in “bits and pieces, out of context and disorganized, an upturned box of puzzle pieces with only fragments of the picture visible.” But in a tale of fathers and sons, she finds the story and the history embedded in it to be not snippets but rather a sweeping chronicle that takes its readers in hand to journey through time.

Lauren Baratz-Logsted is an unabashed admirer of the late Senator Edward Kennedy. But rather than “review” his book she shares the inspiration she found in it for her own life, as well as for life in general in Teddy & Me.

From city slicker to cowpoke would be far too simplistic a description for the incredible story of a modern woman who, Lindsay Champion says, “creates an indelible bond with nature” as she learns to live with a man, a land, and most of all, herself in A Heart as Big as All Outdoors.

What do Hemingway, McMurtry, and a coal mine tour have in common? The ability to teach. Guest columnist Janice Horton explores the power of learning whether from books, movies or even coal mine tours in Hooked, Line and Sinker.

Travelogues are not a one-type-fits-all genre. Some are horrifying, others humorous. Some encompass history and some simply record a series of adventures. In A Road to Somewhere Then and Now Lauren Roberts takes up with a traveler who does more than explore the road; he explores the world on a particular road and finds it a spectacular series of encounters.


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