Issue of March 7, 2010

Want to go into the locker room with sports reporters who just happen to be women, read a wonderful poem you likely don’t know about, explore another, human side of the most notorious figure of the twentieth century, or hear about a virtual convention of bookmark collectors? Then come along with us this week. David, Pete, Frank, and I have ways for you to do just that—and more.

From bookmarks as a personal passion to bookmarks as the focus of a virtual convention, Lauren Roberts recounts her involvement with this form of ephemera and what led her, a notable non-collector of anything, to start her collection of them to her recent stint as co-founder of the inaugural Bookmark Collectors Virtual Convention in Bookmarks: A Personal and Convention Passion.

David Mitchell’s passion is to learn and understand the history of warfare and the role assumes in society. Perhaps there is no stronger a position it has taken than in World War II, and no participant more notorious than that of Adolf Hitler. Often described as a monster, Hitler nevertheless had a  personal life that some of those in it—his secretary, valet, and chauffeur—saw and felt in very different ways from what history has shown the world in What Does Evil Look Like?

Why do women still have a tough time writing about sports? It’s not because they are uninformed, Pete Croatto says, but  because their looks keep getting in the way of their primarily male readers. And in his review of an anthology of women’s sportswriting, Pete notes that the book is both illuminating and burdensome and in fact leaves the scene open for women to keep the stories behind the scores coming in Keep Writing, Ladies.

Guest columnist Frank X. Roberts introduces BiblioBuffet readers to one of the world’s best-hidden poems by Walter de la Mare, the respected poet, short story writer, and literary critic, a poem celebrating the “sweet witchery” of books in Books, “Reservoirs To Rest In.”

Has it been a stressful week for you? If yes, why not join Lauren Roberts in a week of reading. If not, do it anyway. It’s a good thing for everyone at any time she says in Later, Alligator.



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2 responses to “Issue of March 7, 2010

  1. It is so nice to hear that someone else is swamped too!

  2. Last week was the worst, right?! I’m hoping this week will be much, much better. So far, so good…

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