Issue of February 28, 2010

Does size matter? Or it is quality? Well, no matter how you feel here at BiblioBuffet we have both for you. Especially this week.

Yes, size matters, insists Lauren Baratz-Logsted. At least it does in the case of the fat books she’s read throughout the span of her life. In Size Matters I: Fat Books I Have Loved, she remembers, fondly in some cases, less fondly but certainly memorably in others, those fat books that seemed important at the time.

Lindsay Champion tackles a new type of memoir for her—dark and graphic, an unusual type from an illustrator known for his “bright illustrations and upbeat narratives” in children’s books to learn how this award-winning artist found his way out of a disturbing and difficult childhood to not only heal himself but to point the way for others to do the same in All Sewn Up.

Nicki Leone writes about books for BiblioBuffet, for a bookstore e-newsletter, and for the Southern Independent Bookseller’s Association. She also e-mails friends, engaging them in long and thoughtful, challenging discussions. She happily participates in an online forum. And she belongs to a book club. But Nicki, never one to be content with “safe” reading sometimes finds herself frustrated with her club’s choices, and in Book Clubs Anonymous: Why I Can’t Commit she explores her feelings about their picks of reading material and offers suggestions of her own for “unsafe” material.

How do you keep track of what you read? Do you like to mark your progress? Building from another’s blog post her own thoughts on how she tracks the books she reads, Lauren Roberts takes an affectionate look at those who like to do it in public and those who prefer to do it in private. And acknowledges they are all good in Making Lists. Or Not.



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2 responses to “Issue of February 28, 2010

  1. Lauren, I loved reading more about your post-reading reviews and your desire to keep your relationship with your books private. It’s such fun that you are continuing the discussion started at Catching Days! Thanks for linking to my post too. Isn’t it great that we are all different.

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