Issue of February 21, 2010

Let’s call this the “birthday issue” since one of the days in this week is my birthday, and because this issue contains some special presents that I am going to share with you. Those presents are the fabulous pieces about some special books, lessons, history, and more.

Super Bowl has come and gone, but Pete Croatto has found a book that will outlive the year’s winning and losing teams. Rather than look at teams or players, Pete notes in Behind the Billion Dollar Hype, that it instead focuses on the excitement and propaganda behind the annual phenomenon that overtakes much of the nation’s consciousness every January.

Ribbon has been a large part of both military garments and ladies’ fashion—hats, dresses, shoes, and even undergarments—for centuries. Laine Farley explores the history behind a heart-shaped celluloid bookmark for  “Fair and Square” ribbon and learns that its manufacturer was, in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, an important business firm with lovely ads and a lovely bookmark in The Best Ribbon Made.

It’s the “multitude of little moments” that have the biggest impact for David Mitchell when reading about history. What did they feel, think, and how did the react when they charged into battle or heard about the end of the war they had been fighting in the trenches? While many of these personal stories have been lost to past time, David found one book that touches on exactly those moments in Tell Me Tales of Blood and Glory.

Lev Raphael, like many writers, has had a long and winding road on his way to publishing success—the  miles, both physical and emotional, the patience, the name (or not), the surprises,  the fans, and the not writing—that he mulls over in this tribute to lessons never learned (from his writing professors) in  Seven Things My Writing Professors Never Told Me.

What are some of the stories that lie behind the stories we read? Guest columnist Gillian Polack relates her “behind-the-family stories behind the published family stories in Behind Stories Lie Other Stories.

It took about sixty nearly sleepless and non-stop hours but the result—the inaugural Bookmark Collectors Virtual Convention—came together this past weekend when bookmark lovers from all over the world came together to talk, drool, and share. Lauren Roberts, with one eye on the bed and one on the computer shares the adventures in Convention Fever.



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5 responses to “Issue of February 21, 2010

  1. Happy Birthday, Lauren! Hope it’s a wonderful week.

    Off to read Lev Raphael’s piece…

  2. Heh, heh, this is the lovely thing about having a blog. I can exact all kinds of retribution for you not telling me it’s your b-day!

    Big kisses to you! Now. Go read my latest blog post. Heh. Heh.

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