Honoring a Champion

Lindsay Champion who writes “Memoirama” showed us her true colors this week—and they are glorious.

She came to BiblioBuffet in June of 2009 with a proposal for a column on memoirs. We tested her out, and found her writing strong, her voice robust, and her passion for writing about “people” books solid. We took her on almost immediately, and our personal bookshelves have begun to fill with her recommendations.

Lindsay came from New York and ended up settling with her boyfriend, who is connected to Hollywood, not far from my parents’ home. We have yet to meet, but I feel I know her well. She’s stunningly pretty, always upbeat, a delightful correspondent, and committed to her writing. She’s also a highly ethical individual.

A while back, she was contacted by an author who had read her previous reviews and liked them. He asked if she would consider his book. She informed him she would contact his publisher and ask for a copy but also let him know that a review was not guaranteed. Soon thereafter it arrived. “I received the book today,” she wrote him. “I’ll be in touch if I do decide to write a review.”

That review appeared this week, and the author (and publisher) are happy with it. That’s good, but what is important is that Lindsay acted with the utmost professionalism. I’ve discussed the ethics behind BiblioBuffet before. Nicki and I are adamant about maintaining high standards of behavior toward everyone with whom we interact but especially so our readers. They must be confident that we operate with integrity, that our opinions are genuinely ours and not tainted with any hidden relationships or agendas. Honesty underlies our words.

The correspondence that took place between Lindsay and the author had no bearing on her review. It is her honest opinion. While the publisher is pleased with it I am proud  to be associated with Lindsay, an upstanding and outstanding contributor to and representative of BiblioBuffet.


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