Issue of February 14, 2010

This week, BiblioBuffet presents a variety of pieces ranging from a battle of the wits to a somber reflection on a special Valentine’s Day gift.

What can books tell us? Sometimes more than we want to know. Sometimes more about us than about the book. And what are we to books? That’s one question that Nicki Leone ponders as she thrills and puzzles her way through a seductive yet perplexing novel in The Secrets Hidden in Books.

Off again showing more disrespect is Lauren Baratz-Logsted. This time the unfortunate author lucky contender is Tish Cohen, who decided not to just take it but dish it out too. Read how these two go head-to-head in an interview that could be called The Battle of Bons Mots. Come on in, the witticisms are fine. And don’t forget: this week we are giving away a copy of Lauren’s YA book, Crazy Beautiful. You’ll find both in The Disrespectful Interviewer: Dissing Tish Cohen.

Trainwreck began as a self-published book, was made into a movie, and was picked up by a major house, then re-issued with editing and additions. In her review of the latter, Lindsay Champion finds self-deprecation and ostentation but also humor and eventually respect on the parts of both the author and herself as reader in The Little Engine That Couldn’t.

Most Valentine’s Day celebrations revolve around chocolate, roses, dinner out, or some other social nicety. Lauren Roberts has chosen to view a recent and serious family medical emergency as her valentine-of-sorts for her parents’ role in her introduction to and continued passion for books in A Lifetime of Valentines.


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