The First Thing We Do, Let’s Kill All the Lawyers

There’s no need to kill them when you can just leave them inside.

At least that was my thought when David Mitchell, one of BiblioBuffet’s contributors and a practicing IP (Intellectual Property) attorney, sent me an e-mail about a recent conference he attended in Orlando, Florida and included this story.

Scene: A conference room in the Orange County Convention Center.

Back Story: Only lawyers are attending any meetings in the Convention Center.

Loud Voice Over Intercom:  “May I have your attention please.  All employees of the Convention Center are to immediately evacuate the building. Contractors should exit via the East Exit. I repeat all employees and contractors of the Convention Center are to evacuate the building immediately. People attending the [Florida Bar] meetings do not need to leave.”

David, I am glad you made it through whatever caused everyone else to leave. And thank you for this hilarious story.


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