Issue of January 24, 2010

It’s been a month since Christmas. The holiday decorations are put away, and spring is still a ways off. But don’t despair. We at BiblioBuffet have some darn good reading for you in this issue—from a surprising journey in search of a bookmark’s history to a review of a novel that combines two unlikely elements. Please enjoy.

As a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step so sometimes does a single simple bookmark prove to be the starting point for a historical excursion so surprising and widespread that Laine found herself admiring the man who began it all in The Ludlow Way.

What happens when you lose bookshelf space and have to downsize your collection? Guest columnist Rachel Hozey faced that question when she retired from teaching and a large office and entered the world of freelance writing with a tiny desk and single narrow bookcase in her living room. Find out what her choices were, and how and why she chose them in Books That Made the Cut.

The trend away from discourse and toward acrimony in both books and conversation is creating a disservice to all of us in society. Persuasion is out. Acrimony sells. The question: Is this what we really want? Let’s discuss it in How Do I Know What You Are Saying If I Can’t Get Past Your Hysteria?

Normally focused on nonfiction, Pete recently picked up a sports-related novel to satisfy a craving for fiction. What he found was a potentially good story that was so overlaid with “important themes” it proved distracting. But, he says, he’ll “keep taking the occasional chance” so that he has the opportunity to find himself hooked on a good story. Find out why he feels taking chances is worth it in A Novel Idea.

A book that David says he should have loved because it combined two favorites—science fiction and World War II era—was one he found he couldn’t love. He put it down, but faced with a deadline made the decision to look at it again. This time, however, he read it with his own perspective and expectations rather than that of others. While doing that didn’t ignite his love for this particular book it did provide him with an enjoyable read as he shares in Don’t Judge a Book by Its (Inside) Cover.


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  1. Loved Books that Made the Cut!

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