Mentioning the Unmentionables

During the last four weeks BiblioBuffet has been in the process of changing its underwear, that is, that platform upon which it runs has been upgraded to the newer version. It’s been . . . shall we say, an enlightening process? Without going into the painful details, I will simply say that anyone who thinks computers can’t be strangled needs to take lessons from me. But what it did to me (or what I did to it) is not important. It’s what it’s doing  for our readers that counts.

Though much has changed to make it better most of it, like good underwear, is hidden. Only a couple of things are readily noticeable—one good and one bad. The good one is that the archived pages have a cleaner, more streamlined appearance. The columns are still chronological (newest on top), but they are not separated out by year as they were before, and they are limited to 100 per page to avoid them being overwhelming. The bad one is that any links that anyone put up to us in our “old” version are now dead. Yup, it’s the dreaded “link rot,” which, as I understand it, is a natural by-product of any and all upgrades. There’s no way around it either. I spent nearly an hour driving my web developer crazy with questions and ideas about circumventing it. No go. All we can do to “fix” it is to create an advanced search page that allows anyone to search for anything on our site by Articles, Contacts, Categories, Sections, or News Feeds.

For someone like me who prefers things streamlined, easy, and logical the upgrade was a nightmare. But now that it has officially come to an end (as of 7:38 pm last night) I am happy. It’s true that I’m still learning how to do things, but I no longer feel crazed and bloated with tech jargon. That’s good for me because it means I am absorbing the information. I hope it will be at least as good for you.    


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