Issue of January 10, 2010

Looking for blood? We have that. How about sports? We have that too. (Not that they don’t sometimes go together.) How about things found in books that can make you laugh, weep, cringe, grimace, smile, and rejoice. It’s all here. Come and find out more.

Pete Croatto takes on an Internet titan and New York Times bestselling author when he wonders why a wonderful sports columnist-turned-book-scribbler can’t go back to doing what he does best in  The Evolution of an Idol.

Finding bookmarks (as opposed to searching out and buying them) means you will never know what you might run across. Librarians and booksellers tend to find the oddest but anyone who loves old books, as Lauren Roberts does, will too. Whether they are lovely or gross, ugly or beautiful, old or new, valuable or not these things found performing bookmark duties are fun to find and fun to talk about in All Kinds of Bookmarks.

David Mitchell’s love of vampire fiction led him to find the ultimate publisher in a tiny, relatively unknown press whose print runs total twenty-six copies! The stories are unusual—many being reprints from the nineteenth century—that have risen again to inflame the imagination in Of Books, Love and Blood.

Expanding one’s comfort level in reading is always good because it forces one to move into new areas and discover things that would otherwise remain unknown. The result can be new favorites, or it can be disturbing discoveries. This week, Lauren Roberts shares her feelings on a book that came in for review and is causing feelings even before its pages are opened in The Heart of the Book.



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4 responses to “Issue of January 10, 2010

  1. Looks great! Great descriptions, it definitely makes me want to read all the stories. Thanks!

    Sarah Allen
    (my creative writing blog)

    • Hi, Sarah! I am so glad you are enjoying it. These comments make all the hard work worthwhile.

      Please do keep writing. You have a good blog going yourself.

  2. I’ve enjoyed catching up on all your posts and am now heading over to this issue, plus I can’t resist checking out your gift suggestions even though the holidays are over. Thanks, Lauren!

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