Issue of January 3, 2010

For our first issue of 2010, we have some gifts as well as great writing for you. On January 6, we will turn four years old, and we are happy to offer you (virtual) champagne and (real) gifts. Come on in and Nicki and Lauren at the glittering celebration by sharing some memories, speculating about future plans, and just making merry with You’re Never Too Young for Champagne.

In other columns:

Nicki Leone tackles women and Shakespeare in Too Wise to Woo Peaceably. As a long-time feminist and Shakespeare fan, Nicki would often find herself pondering the question once raised by a college professor: “What, really, does Shakespeare have to say to women?” But as she reached The Taming of the Shrew during her journey through the plays, the question began to shout itself at her. Finding the answer wasn’t easy, but she found that it was neither as simple, or as bad, as she might have thought then.

Many people face challenging situations, but few have likely faced that which the author of a new memoir did. In  Lessons in Bravery and Gratitude, Lindsay discovers that the undertaking a Peace Corps assignment in a place where murder can be acceptable is less a challenge than losing the only equipment that connects one to the outside world. How the author coped with that, and what lessons he learned have also taught Lindsay a new approach to gratitude and bravery in her own life.

With nearly 300 books under her 2009 belt, Lauren Baratz-Logsted shares what she believes to be the best of them in each of three categories: Adult Fiction, Adult Nonfiction, and Young Adult in her annual round-up, Best Books of 2009. She found it a tough choice to narrow it down, but of forty-one books that made the list she then chose an even more difficult route: the best one in each of those categories.


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