Issue of November 28, 2009

In this week’s issue, we have some more fabulous reading for you. It’s pretty diverse, ranging from classics to cookies.

Henry L. Carrigan, Jr. returns (temporarily) with an overview of one of America’s finest writers and a book that should, in his opinion be on every Best Books list (especially if it focuses on Southern literature)—James Agee’s A Death in the Family. Agree would have just turned 100 years old this past weekend had he not died an untimely death at age forty-five in 1955. But what he left behind among other things was this unfinished book that his literary executor edited and that won him a posthumous Pulitzer Prize. Two different editions have been recently published, and Henry explores not only the nuances of Agee’s role in Southern literature but what these two books bring out in The Resurrection of James Agee.

Pete Croatto has what he terms “sports fan DNA’” coursing throughout his body, and since 1996 has been addicted to SportsCenter. Unfortunately for him, what brought him there— Dan Patrick and Keith Olbermann—live only the book, The Big Show: A Tribute to ESPN’s SportsCenter, a Christmas gift in 1997. The book continues to be a big part of his adult life in unexpected and comforting ways as he shares in In Adulthood, Book Takes on a Second Life.

Cookies and Christmas are, for David Mitchell, firmly intertwined. Not that he bakes them. Rather, he savors the Dickensian role of cookies during the holiday season, “walking into my home on almost any day in December to be overwhelmed by the mouthwatering aromas of freshly baked Christmas cookies coming from my kitchen” as an accompaniment to a good book. Share his joy in Eat, Drink and Be Merry, for Tomorrow We Dine.

Lauren Roberts, who has a whole gaggle of links to literary gifts lined up and ready to share beginning next week uses this week’s letter to share some ideas on the Christmas season. If financial uneasiness is looming that may  mean making emotionally difficult decisions about the holiday. Yet if this past Black Friday weekend is any indication of how shopping is going then it won’t be much different than in the past. Regardless of others’ decisions, Lauren suggests, forgo all “traditions” that don’t make you happy or that cause stress and build your own “traditions” beginning this year in Dashing Through the Season.

All of us at BiblioBuffet wish all of you a happy and healthy week. Do good. Be good. Have a good time.


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