Thanksgiving at BiblioBuffet

What is being served in each of our contributors’ households for the big meal? Well, turkey is fairly common but the other dishes are wide ranging. Here’s a preview peek into the various Thanksgiving menus.

Lauren Baratz-Logsted: I don’t have a menu, since I’ve never cooked a T’giving dinner in my life, nor would the world want me to. We’ll go to my brother’s. There will be a turkey and traditional meal which will be a challenge for me since I went vegan six months ago. So I’ll modify my diet for the day, just so I won’t make everyone else crazy. I still won’t eat the meat, but I’ll eat the things that have dairy in it. It’s either that or only have wine and salad, which would be fine with me but not so fine with everyone else when I get drunk too early and get the bedspins.

Lindsay Champion: I’m going to my aunt’s house for a late Thanksgiving on Saturday. I think the menu is a traditional turkey and yams type deal, but they are Italian so I think there is going to be a big pot of pasta as well!

Pete Croatto: Roasted turkey with gravy and stuffing, mashed potatoes, string beans, crescent rolls, and for dessert, if I’m not too uncomfortable, pumpkin bread and coffee. This might be difficult to predict seeing how I don’t know the line up of pies at this point.

Nicki Leone: Roasted turkey with herbed cornbread stuffing and cider gravy; roasted beet salad with oranges and beet greens; Brussels sprouts with buttered pecans; confetti wild rice salad with walnuts, dried cranberries and tarragon; homemade sourdough bread; curried sweet potato soup; honey-pumpkin pie; caramel apple pie with vanilla ice cream.

David Mitchell: Sushi (vegetarian and smoked salmon); roast turkey;  gravy; penne with Fontina and mascarpone; whipped sweet potatoes’ roast green beans; steamed broccoli; buttermilk rolls; cranberry sauce; pumpkin pie; blueberry ginger buckle; assorted pastries and cookies There are only four of us at our Thanksgiving table and it is a challenge to serve. I do not eat red meat or poultry. My elder son will not eat any vegetables. My wife and younger son will eat everything but my wife will eat only a small volume of food.

Lev Raphael: We’re dining à deux because it’s our 25th anniversary and we wanted the time alone. We’re seeing family and friends on other days this coming week. The menu is simple: filets mignons Bordelaise with Brussels sprouts au gratin and a bottle of Pauillac. Dessert will be a local vanilla Gelato.

Lauren Roberts: Assorted olives; roasted turkey with herb gravy and bread, onion, & apple stuffing; homemade cranberry sauce; green salad; steamed green beans with sage butter; fresh rolls; mashed potatoes; pumpkin pie with whipped cream.



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2 responses to “Thanksgiving at BiblioBuffet

  1. I want to eat with Nicki…but Happy Thanksgiving to all of you!

    • Happy Thanksgiving, Cynthia! I hope you have overeating good plans for yourself today. When Nicki first sent me her dinner menu I drooled a bit too. She’s probably in the kitchen finalizing everything as I type now.

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