Issue of November 22, 2009

In this week’s issue, we have some fabulous reading for you. We also have a new feature that we believe (and hope) you will enjoy.

That feature, which we mentioned here about a  month ago, was Lauren Baratz-Logsted’s idea: The Disrespectful Interviewer. It’s common for literary websites and blogs to interview authors, but how many offer an “intrepidly disrespectful correspondent [who] is as rude as she likes with prominent writers of the day”? We permitted ourselves to be the only one, and author Jon Clinch graciously allowed himself to be the first victim interviewee in this semi-regular feature.

Lindsay Champion misses New York City terribly. And until she can go home again, books about New York will have to help her make do. One recently read book did more than that; it gave her hope and heart that her beloved city is keeping its arms open for her in I [heart] New York. (Thanks to the publisher Other Press, you also have a chance to win a free hardcover copy of this book. See the column for details.)

Bookmarks are often made with specific purposes in mind—advertising is a prime example. Sometimes, though, people take them and make them personal with notes and messages that make them meaningful to the recipients. But when that recipient is gone and the bookmark comes into other hands such notes become cryptic mysteries that beg investigation. Laine follows three such bookmarks to a satisfying if not entirely conclusory in Keep for a Bookmark.

Nicki Leone runs her life with her hands in many pies. In addition to her duties with the Southern Independent Booksellers Association, performing her Lady Banks’ role, and keeping her blog, this past week she has also been hosting her parents and helping run the North Carolina Writers’ Network Fall Conference. Whew! That’s enough for anyone so I have asked her to put down her pen and enjoy a small vacation from her deadline. This week, we are rerunning a superb piece she did that will cause every book lover to either cringe in horror or stand up and applaud in No Respect! Which group you fall into will depend on how you treat your books.

Thanksgiving is not just one of Lauren’s two favorite holidays of the year, but the opportunity to shut out the shopping world and indulge a marathon of reading. Yup, it’s the second annual Great Thanksgiving Weekend Read. What’s in it this year? Come see.

All of us at BiblioBuffet hope you enjoy this issue. We wish you a wonderful week!



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4 responses to “Issue of November 22, 2009

  1. Great, I did not heard about this topic till now. Thanks.

  2. I’m off to check out the new feature and what’s on your shelf for the Great Thanksgiving Weekend Read. Great idea on these previews. Thanks.

    • Enjoy! I had hoped to start last night but the cranberry sauce had to be made. So I will take a some time before I head over to my family’s home. I assume you have reading of your own for this weekend?

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